Party Planning?

A Party takes place when a Representative is invited to a house where the Host of the Party has gathered a group of friends together to enjoy a fun and informative session on a specific group of products.

Event & Party planning can take a long time because of all the little things you need to think about. The venue, food, time, guests and many other things. Goodtime Harbour Cruises has a variety of different event occasions you could be interested in. Corporate Cruises, Boxing Day Cruises and Valentine’s Day Cruises.

Party Plan sales combine:

– A hands-on experience with the products
– Subtle education and helpful tips from the Representative
– Visual props to create a relaxing environment and
– Powerful and meaningful stories to create relevance for the audience
These sessions can vary between:

– Guests participating in product trials
– Host and guests participating in group product explanations & games
– You can create your own variations
Who will benefit? Your customers– Experience the products hands-on.
– Receive hints and tips on how to use products.
– Receive personalised advice.
– Shop ‘on their seat and not on their feet’ and in the company of friends.Your Host– Is totally pampered and indulged in the products.
– Receive hints and tips on how to use products.
– Receives personalised advice.
– Shop ‘on their seat and not on their feet’ and in the company of friends.
– Receives gifts and free products depending on the sales and booking outcomes of the party.You– Will build relationships that will create long term customers.
– Will build your sales much quicker than if you were working one-on-one with customers.
– Will build your business quickly through on-going bookings and sponsor queries.

Tips for Booking your Party Plan Event

1. Get to know the products- use them, read about them – browse the Website (if available) and read testimonials about the products, listen to training audios and read the various training articles.

2. Read through your company’s Party Guide.

3. Get yourself a blank meeting/training book and attend training sessions, observe others doing Parties and take plenty of notes. Write down questions that arise and ask your support person for answers.

4. Familiarise yourself with the ‘Descriptive Phrases-Powerful Words’ and other words that you can relate to the company and the products. Practice these so that they flow naturally whenever you talk to potential Hosts and customers.

5. Fully understand the benefits of hosting parties.

6. Practice some of your companies suggested ways to approach people and rephrase them into words that you are comfortable saying.

7. Keep your goal in mind and know that booking your party will bring you closer to achieving it.

8. Know the times that you are available to conduct parties.

9. Set a date for your own party.

10. Make a list of people you know. Remember to include people you associate with socially as well as those you do business with.

11. Divide this list into Hot, Warm and Cool.
a. Hot being people you are really comfortable with and who you feel confident about asking to host a Party.
b. Warm – not as comfortable but you’ll do it anyway.
c. Cool – people whom you would rather just invite to your Party.

12. Begin by enthusiastically calling the Hot and Warm list and asking them to host a Party.
a. If they say yes – simply book them in and book them in close together – the more you do in a short space of time the more confident and competent you will become.
b. If they say, no – invite them to the one you have scheduled to hold yourself and ask them to bring a couple of friends.

13. Continue through your list until you have the number of bookings you require and a healthy number of people attending your own party.
14. Always overbook as you will experience postponements.
a. If you want to do 2 Parties per week – book 3

15. Keep this list and continue working through it

16. Make a goal to call a set number of people each day re booking Parties and joining your business. This number will depend on your goals and the amount of time you wish to devote to your business.

17. Before your first Party, attend a party with your Upline or support person and observe closely.

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