Getting Started

Part 1: Orientation and Organisation

So, you just signed up with your network marketing company and you’re excited but thinking “what do I do now?” Here are a few guidelines.

Get to Know Your Sponsor/Enroller

By sponsor I mean the person you signed up with, your immediate upline. In your organisation this might be called the enroller.

You might have been talking to someone for weeks about joining and then signed up under them or you might have signed up from a traffic exchange and not know your sponsor at all. Your sponsor’s name should be shown in your company back office and you should receive a welcome e-mail or call as soon as you join. Please be polite and respond to the welcome e-mail! If you don’t hear from them, don’t panic. It could be that they are away for a while or tied up with family matters. Check with your company headquarters if youre not sure how to get in touch with them.

“But I don’t need any help and I can go it alone”

“But I don’t need any help and I can go it alone”. Yes, that’s how I usually feel. I actually hate it when any upline tries to interfere in what I’m doing as I regard it as my business but I still keep in touch with them so that they can help with admin problems and offer knowledge about the company which I don’t have when I first join.

Your sponsor will know which advertising works, which lead companies are the best etc etc. Try to arrange a phone session when you can go through procedures together. They will also know the quirks of the back office and the compensation plan. Ask them rather than stare at a screen trying to guess! Your sponsor will always be pleased when you ask questions and will not regard you as a nuisance.

In some companies your sponsor can put people under you. This might be automatic in a matrix or binary system or they can actually have people moved so that you are treated as their personal sponsor. Make sure your sponsor knows youre keen on building a team so that they can do this for you.

Get “Plugged In”

Make sure you’re subscribed to company newsletters, join the forum if there is one, listen to training calls (or recorded calls if they’re in the middle of the night for you). You’ll be surprised what you learn from other distributors.

Get to know the product range

As soon as you sign up your first order of product is on its way. Use this time to become familiar with all the company products. You do NOT need to be an expert on everything the company sells but you need to know your way around the catalogue or online store.

Find your way around the back office

It might take a while to master the compensation plan but get access to all the training an promotional materials. Set up your website and arrange web forwarding if necessary so that you don’t have a URL that looks like

Get Your Own Office Organised

No, you’re not expected to go out and rent an office! But get your own space, even if it’s a box of files in the corner of a room. Keep files of expenses and useful information. Sort out e-mail folders with different sections for the official company e-mails, your sponsor, your prospects etc.

Done all that? Wonderful. Now here’s the killer blow:

“Take massive action and e-mail all your friends and family to tell them about your new business”

You can see how I feel about that from my article here. Telling all your friends and family is the right thing to do ONLY if your friends and family all happen to be in network marketing and youre a big hitter salesman. Otherwise all you will do is alienate those closest to you and become very depressed when they all tell you it won’t work. No promise of wealth is worth the risk losing your friends; they are far too important.

You do need moral support from others. Make sure you get that from other networkers. Join local groups or online forums. Join the BusinessVibe forum now! You will get a warm welcome, you’ll learn from others and it’s a “safe” place where others understand what youre doing.

As for taking “massive action”. Yes, I believe that you should get your business going as soon as possible and not think “I’ve joined but I’ll get around to it later”. Believe me, you won’t. Life will take over and you will find other things to do. If you view your business as a hobby it will pay you like a hobby and cost you money rather than earning you money.

Building a network marketing business takes 2 5 years of consistent effort. You will not become rich in a few months but you should be able to make measurable progress.

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