Telesales made simple

The prospect of making calls is terrifying to some but it can really improve your success rate IF you do it the right way. Even if you don’t call prospects these tips will be useful in your business life.

1) It’s pointless making calls until you’re a confident communicator. Tim’s training will make a huge difference to your business. Order Professional Inviter from that link and you get free role play coaching from me.

2) Get the phone numbers in the right way by using the best kind of leads from a good source.. If calling leads is a major part of your business you might want to have the list “optimised” first. That way you will not waste time and energy calling those unlikely to join you. We do not recommend buying leads and cold calling. It’s the fastest way to put you off network marketing for life.  You need to generate your own leads. Try using a prospecting service which tells you whether a prospect has opened and e-mail or looked at a website. We’re in the process of testing several services and will be reviewing them on BusinessVibe shortly.

3) Arrange your working space. Have good light, a clear desk and a list printed in a large font. You don’t want to ring the wrong number!

4) Dont allow interruptions. Let your family know youre working and NEVER make calls from the same room as the TV.

5) Get a headset. This allows you to make notes and refer to your website while youre on the call. Make sure your mic works and is in the right position

6) Call at an appropriate time. The best leads will have the best time to call AND the time zone. Check times around the world here.

7) Be prepared for an answering machine and have your message scripted rather than say “oh youre not there .er this is .” Etc etc Make sure you give your web address and phone number and mention that you will be sending an email (then make sure you follow up immediately with an e-mail). If you have a prospecting site it makes it easier. ” Hi Jane, this is Sharon Horswill. You took a tour of my nice site earlier today. I’m just calling to say hi and to see if I can help you. You can call me back on my toll free number ..” Then send an e-mail with the heading “sorry I missed you”

8) Get a toll free number so that prospects can call you back. This is very simple. Join Cognigen and select Kall8. You can have this number follow you around and the basic service costs only £2 a month. Recommend this service to your downlines (and get them to do the same) and you have another source of income. You can get a UK free phone number from The Utility Warehouse. That will also cost you very little each month. Email me for further details of these services. You will get a lot more calls than you will with a regular number and having people call you is a whole different ball game. A toll free number is the most useful – and cheapest – business tool I’ve ever found.

9) Make notes of each call. I make a note on the printed list if Ive left a message or if there was no answer or the wrong number. Once Ive had a conversation I make notes the old fashioned way with a printed sheet for each prospect. You can download my call sheet below. These then go in a ring binder in different sections according to how interested the prospect is, the idea being that they move through the sections until they join!

10) Follow up. If you’ve told the prospect you will send them something make sure you send it. If youve invited them to watch a video or look at a website make sure you ring them at the time agreed (and be prepared to leave a message if theyre out.