Having business a strategy helps towards business growth. It allows you to understand where the company is heading for the future, as well as being able to make changes to improve your business and the service you provide. See: Tips for business.

Win/loss analysis for growing businesses

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Does your business need a professional win/loss program? Look no further as a team of expert analysts are on hand to help. They have an incredible amount of skills and experience to deliver insights across critical areas in your company, leading to stronger business results.

For any business, an important strategy is to acknowledge successes and learn from failures. A way of doing this is through win/loss analysis – a smart business tool for a business’s buying cycle. Discover your strengths, weaknesses and potential’s were by understanding where your deals were won or lost. Find out about Skills Connections vendor services, click here.

Due to their background being former Gartner senior analysts, they are specialists in conducting interviews and analysing information that will help you to improve your win ratio.

The Skills Connection offers a five-step approach to answer key questions:

  • What are your best prospects and what do they have in common?
  • What are the traps that competitors set?
  • What do prospects value most and least?
  • What are your key buying areas?
  • How well does your sales team perform to your prospects?

Low cost marketing strategies

Business owners rely on business marketing strategies to help promote their business and drive more customers through the door all for a low cost. A few low cost options are listed below. Contact us.

Reigonal OOH advertising in the North WestAdvertising:

Advertising is a great choice if you want to get your brand across to more people – OOH advertising is a successful strategy of meeting your urban audience on a larger scale. Out of home advertising can consist of advertisement on buses, railways, tubes, posters, billboards and more. See: Regional advertising in the North West.


Going to networking events not only keep you socialising, but they are an amazing opportunity to meet new prospects and to expand your supplier network. Having a regular marketing strategy helps to keep your costs low. Find the next event. Click here.


Take a proactive approach instead of a passive route – don’t assume that satisfied customers will refer your business, ask them too. Email them after they have used their service and see what they thought.


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