Are you thinking of starting a business?

There are so many things to think about when starting a new business from the beginning.

Do you need premises? Do you need staff? How about equipment?

Getting the best from your business plansEffective business plans

Before you do all of this it is best to sit down and develop a business plan. Although it may seem a waste of time and all the ideas are in your head and valid, this really will show you how many sales you need to make and at what margin.

What product/services do you offer your customers?

Why will people buy from you and not your competitors and what is your unique selling proposition (USP?). This in the end will be the reason customers will purchase your product or service today and in the future. Pricing is almost secondary because if you don’t have a good product it doesn’t matter if you give it away as no one will want it! Click here for more information.

Examples of successful businesses

There are thousands of successful business throughout the UK,  but without a doubt, the process was difficult and overwhelming, however the end result is definitely worth it. See below a list of successful UK businesses.

Smart Clean Services LTDCommercial office cleaning

The owners of Smart Clean have over 30 years experience in this industry and decided to start their own business in 2016. They offer commercial cleaning services to offices in the South East such as Brighton, Hove and Worthing. Check out their services.

They emphasise a service that is not only reliable, but is of the upmost quality so their clients are never disappointed with the work that is completed.

Natural Enhancement

Natural EnhancementOffering premium semi-permanent makeup treatments in Kew, London. Specialising in the latest microblading techniques to create full, natural looking eyebrows using individual hair strokes.

Treat yourself to a new look with a cosmetic treatment from Natural Enhancement. Find out more about permanent makeup.

Risa Venue Hire

Risa is one of the UK’s most well known accommodations for events. Not only do they host events for conferences and corporate parties, they are great at hosting events as life changing as weddings and birthdays. Call 07516 391 430 to book your place.

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